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Tenant Resident Council: Your Community… Your Voice

A Tenant Resident Council (TRC) at Housing Authority of New Haven’s (HANH) Elm City Communities (ECC) provides an open meeting forum where you can address concerns about your community and present ideas or other issues that impact the quality of life for you and your family. Each ECC development has an active TRC, whose membership is made up of residents of that development. TRCs enable residents to voice their concerns and contribute to the decisions that are made about their development and community. There are no fees or dues. ECC provides funds to each TRC to support their planned activities for the year.



A comprehensive set of services, supports, and referrals, coupled with financial incentives geared toward building skills and job success for adults, that leads to reduced reliance on subsidized housing and increased self-sufficiency. 

Quality of life
supportive services 

Assistance for our elderly and disabled family members to help them reach the highest quality of life and independent living. 

our residents

Supports geared toward building an organized community of Residents capable of advocating for themselves through TRC’s, RAB’s, external community engagement, and parent support networks.

Our Mission: Promote economic self-sufficiency, achievement and positive quality of life for residents/participants across the age span.

Social Programs

ECC Believes! A coordinated effort to support our children and youth’s positive social-emotional and educational development geared toward developing self-sufficient adults. 

Family Self-Sufficiency: The Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) program supports families in developing paths to success and includes including opportunities to assist residents with financial literacy, adult education and other educational programs, technology resources, technical and workforce skills, and other specialized training.

CARES: The CARES Program (Caring About Resident Economic Self-Sufficiency) is a pilot self-sufficiency plan for the Brookside Phase II and Rockview Rental developments that introduces time limits to move residents toward self-sufficiency.

REACH Grant Program: REACH Grants are intended as a source of flexible, short-term funds to meet immediate needs and overcome barriers to taking the next step toward long-term goals.

Resident-Owned Businesses: ECC/HANH serves residents who start their own businesses (Resident-Owned Businesses or ROBs) by providing technical assistance services.

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