Program Overview

CARES (Caring About Resident Economic Self-Sufficiency)

CARES introduced the concept of term limits into the public housing and Section 8 programs administered by Elm City Communities/Housing Authority of New Haven (ECC/HANH). All residents, except those exempt under the program requirements, will be subject to a 72-month time limit on receiving rental assistance. The second component of the program requires certain individuals to participate in an extensive 24- month case management and supportive services program designed to overcome barriers to becoming self-sufficient.

In addition to required one-on-one meetings with a Coordinator, CARES staff conducts outreach to engage all residents by continuing communication with flyers, case management, weekly email chain with updates/information among staff and participants, which enable our residents to effectively gain and maintain access to resources that can assist participants in pursuing opportunities in achieving self-sufficiency.   

CARES includes access to all Family Self Sufficiency program offerings.

ECC/HANH has developed a pilot self-sufficiency plan for the Brookside Phase II and Rockview I rental development that encompasses HUD’s continued mission to increase self-sufficiency among residents and promote accountability.

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