How to Apply

Open Enrollment

Individuals interested in submitting a preliminary application may apply during open enrollment using any computer connected to the internet. Persons may apply from the convenience of their home at any time.

Those needing access to a computer or the internet may use a computer at any branch of the New Haven Public Library or a computer kiosk at the Elm City Communities (ECC) office at 360 Orange Street, New Haven. 

Applicants must have an active email account. Those who are in need of an email address may obtain a free email account through an internet provider of their choice.

Preliminary applications

Preliminary applications can be completed online only during the Open Enrollment period. Preliminary applications will be retained for ____ months.

To submit a preliminary application, go to the Applicant Portal.


Persons with a disability in need of a reasonable accommodation may contact ECC at 203-498-8800 for special assistance with the application process.

Check application status

If you have already submitted an application and want to check on your status, please access the Waitlist Portal.

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