Work Orders

Maintenance Work Orders

If you need a repair, you should call in a work order to your property manager as soon as possible.

Repairs will be prioritized based on urgency. Conditions that are considered emergencies will be addressed within 24 hours. 

All work orders are assigned a number and tracked in a computer system. You should be given the work order number for repairs that you request so that you can track the satisfactory completion of the work.

Elm City Communities (ECC) will make normal wear and tear repairs; however, if you damage any item in the apartment due to deliberate actions or negligence, ECC will charge you for the repair.

How to call in a Work Order

During ECC business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, please contact your property directly using the phone number and extension listed below.

After 5:00 pm and on weekends, please contact the On-Call Maintenance personnel at 203-498-8800.

Work Order Phone Numbers

Scattered Sites
203-498-8800, ext. 1742 or 1741

McConaughy Terrace
203-498-8800, ext. 1642 or 1645

Westville Manor
203-498-8800, ext. 1614 or 1611

RT Wolfe
203-498-8800, ext. 1763 or 1761

Crawford Manor
203-498-8800, ext. 1763 or 1761

After Hours/Weekends
203-498-8800 to speak with the
On-Call Maintenance team

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