Affordable Housing

Families and Mixed Income Communities

Neighborhoods with families in mind 

Family sites are available for families seeking to live in developments with 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- and a limited number of 5- bedroom units. Service delivery is specifically centered around early learning, youth programming and family self-sufficiency activities and supportive services. Amenities and program offerings are designed to promote a sense of community and well-being for families. 


Accommodating the needs of senior (62+ years) residents

Some seniors desire to live in senior-only communities. Elm City Communities and the Housing Authority of New Haven (ECC/HANH) offers several developments for our older families – head of household is 62+ and older.  These developments have been designated elderly housing by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). When elderly only is exhausted, near elderly (head of household, spouse or co-head is at least 50 years old) can be admitted. 

Please note that the wheelchair accessible units in these developments are available to families of any age.  Senior only developments are designed with our seniors in mind offering amenities to assist residents to age-in-place in vital communities with social, recreational and supportive services provided.  The majority of these units are efficiencies and 1-bedroom units with a nominal amount of 2 bedroom units.


Comfortable living environments for elderly and/or disabled residents

Some developments are designed specifically for our families who are elderly and/or are families living with disabilities. Elderly families and families living with disabilities receive equal preference to these developments.  

Supportive services and self-sufficiency services are provided to ECC/HANH households so that families and individuals are able access and maintain medical and social services as needed in order for them to be able to live independently, remain lease compliant and to promote community engagement and social connections. The majority of these units are efficiencies and 1-bedroom units with a nominal amount of 2 bedroom units. 

Utility Allowance Revisions

ECC/HANH’s Portfolio

Elm City Communities/Housing Authority of New Haven (ECC/HANH) offers a range of housing opportunities in sites that are directly managed by HANH or managed in partnership with a third-party entity:

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