Housing Choice Voucher Eligibility

Initial Eligibility


Applicants must meet several criteria to be eligible for assistance through the Housing Choice Voucher* Program:

  • Income Limits Requirement: The Applicant household or individual must meet income requirements which are published and updated annually by HUD.
  • At least one household member must be a United States citizen or an eligible immigrant.
  • Each household must have a Social Security Number or be able to verify that one has been applied for.
  • Meet ECC’s criminal background screening criteria.
  • Comply with Elm City Communities’s (ECC) Work/Program Participation Requirement.

For the purposes of the Housing Choice Voucher Program, families with gross annual income from all members of their household which is at or below the Area Medium Income corresponding to the number of persons in your household, as shown in the table below, may be eligible to participate in the program.

Income Limits as of April 1, 2020
Persons in FamilyFY 2020 Income Limit Category
Very Low (50%) Income Limits

*Commonly known as Section 8.

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