Resident Services

The Supportive Community at Elm City Communities

At Elm City Communities (ECC), you are part of a caring community that provides opportunities and support.

Elm City Communities offers a wide range of services, from education, job counseling, and health resources to youth activities and social events. Any Elm City Communities resident may take advantage of these services. If you need some help, all you have to do is ask. 

We’re There For You From the Very Beginning 

Support from Resident Services starts immediately. All new residents are invited to meet with a Resident Services Coordinator (RSC) for orientation into their new community.

The RSC will go over your Elm City Communities lease, the community’s rules and regulations, and tell you about available support services. You will be provided with important material that you should keep on hand. You may have questions during the intake process, such as: where do I park my car? What I do in the case of an emergency? Your RSC will have the answers. 

During the orientation, you and your RSC will discuss your specific needs and goals. For example, you may wish to enhance your job skills or need meal assistance. The Resident Services Department will assess those needs and make appropriate referrals to help you move forward toward self-sufficiency. Property managers and other Elm City Communities staff may also make referrals to the RSC, or residents may call Elm City Communities directly for assistance. 

Available Services

Core Functions that all service coordinators provide include: 

  • Sustaining and developing existing partnerships with community-based supportive service providers and other community stakeholders.
  • Proactively developing and arranging wellness and other educational programs and services for residents.
  • Helping residents to identify, access, and coordinate services (such as personal care services), including monitoring of services provided and follow-up communication with service providers.
  • Monitoring the receipt and follow-through of services, including encouraging and motivating residents to engage with providers and participate in their own care/services management.
  • Maintaining an up-to-date resource directory with all local service providers; and
  • Serving as a member of an interdisciplinary team.

For more information

If you have a concern or question, call your RSC or property manager. Schedules listing the days and times RSCs may be reached are posted at each development.

To reach the Resident Services Coordinator responsible for your development, please contact the CED Manager Gayatri Rana at 203-498-8800, ext.  1619.

The Community & Economic Development Staff are here to listen, with compassion and respect, to your needs, then to help you take action. Consider us your link to a brighter future.

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