Moving To or From New Haven?

An eligible household that has been issued a Housing Choice Voucher may use that voucher to lease a unit anywhere in the United States where there is a housing agency operating a Housing Choice voucher program. This feature of the program is referred to as portability.

Move to New Haven (Port In)

To be considered eligible to port in to Elm City Communities’s (ECC) jurisdiction (that is, move to New Haven), Port Applicants must:

  • Meet all ECC eligibility requirements
  • Receive approval from the Initial Public Housing Authority (IPHA); that is, the housing authority in the jurisdiction you are moving from
  • Ensure that a complete inbound Port Package is received from the IPHA
  • Meet the Work/Program Requirement as applicable

If any of the above requirements are not met, ECC will return the port package to the IPHA and no further processing will occur.

Move from New Haven (Port Out)

Outbound Ports are households that request to move to a property located outside of ECC’s jurisdiction (that is, move outside the New Haven area).

In order to port out, the head of the household must complete a Request for Portability Form [PDF]. Participants are not eligible to port out before their annual recertification date.

Note: Elm City Communities requires new applicants to use their vouchers in ECC’s jurisdiction during the first year of program participation.

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