ECC Believes!

About ECC Believes!

A coordinated effort to support our children and youth’s positive social-emotional and educational development geared toward developing self-sufficient adults.


  • Eastview Terrace: Solar Youth
  • Valley Townhouses: Bridges of Hope
  • 295 Community Center: Boys & Girls Club
  • Westville Manor: Solar Youth
  • Virtual Program: Beats & Bars


  • New Haven Public Schools
  • Common Ground & Wintergreen Magnet Schools
  • Concepts for Adaptive Learning (CFAL)
  • Churches & Food Programs
  • City of New Haven- Youth Services
  • New Haven Healthy Start
  • Elm City Montessori
  • Consumer Financial Employment Services
  • Southern CT State University
  • New Haven Promise

Services Offered

  • Afterschool Program Services
  • Summer Camps Services & Summer Food Sites
  • Virtual Programming
  • Access to Technology Resources
  • Academic Tutoring
  • YLC – Youth Leadership Council
  • STEP – Student Training Employment Program
  • Summer Food Program

Maximizing Support for our Youth

ECC Believes! works to maximize supports for youth that can make a positive difference in their lives and provide opportunities for greater self-sufficiency.

ECC Believes! includes an array of programs and services to foster youth success and are facilitated with the support and collaboration of ECC/HANH supportive services staff and strong partnerships with community providers.

Early Childhood

Young boy happy and playing soccer

All ECC/HANH youth have access to quality early childhood educational experiences

New system for coordination

Pre-Natal Care

  • CFAL
  • Healthy Start


  • Increase pre-K experiences by 50% (currently 124 youth)

Policy & Advocacy

Advocacy for new slots and policies

Attendance & School Engagement

Young boy happy to get on school bush holding backpack strap

All ECC/HANH youth attend school every day during the academic year


  • Attendance rate of 95% by 2020 (currently 89.8%)
  • Develop targeted programming for students missing 14 or fewer days
  • Attendance matters


  • Attendance rate of 95% by 2020 (currently average of 14 days absent)
  • YouthSTAT partnership
  • Restorative Practices

Academic Support

Teenager in a wheelchair with his caregiver at an ECC event

All ECC/HANH youth have access to needed academic supports and safe spaces to do school work


  • 1 additional school
  • Tutoring
  • Mentoring
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health


  • Homework help to 20% with an increased in GPA results
  • Safe spaces for school work and exploration of computer programs

After-School Partnerships

Enhance academic support of partners with an increased GPA and evaluation

Career & College Ready

Teenage boy with arms folded in front of an ECC step and repeat

All ECC/HANH youth graduate high school on-time and prepared for work, military or college life

Home to at least 250 high school students

Youth Leadership

  • YLC and non-YLC provide effective programming and engage & mentor teens
  • YLC alumni mentors

Work or Military Track

  • STEP
  • Youth@Work
  • Linkage to Family Self Sufficiency programming including job skills and resume building

College Track

  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Linkage to NH Promise: 8th pledge and 12th app.
  • Post-secondary plans including one-on-ones with ECC/HANH staff

Parent Engagement

Teenager with young siblings posing in front of an ECC step and repeat

All ECC/HANH parents, guardians and youth support systems are equipped to support the academic achievement of ECC/HANH youth

New system for coordination


Increased communications including targeted outreach, duration of phone and email lists, and coordination


  • Quarterly meetings around topics of interest (e.g. Common Core, NH Promise, development, etc.)
  • Remove engagement barriers (transportation, CSR, digital, etc.)
  • Back-to-School Fair and other community events that support education goals

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