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The amount of subsidy the Housing Authority will pay on your behalf is determined by your income and the Housing Authority Payment Standard.

The Housing Authority must verify your income and determine an amount that is 30% of your monthly adjusted income. This amount is shown on your application form or transfer confirmation letter. The Housing Authority pays directly to the owner the difference between the payment standard and 30% of your monthly adjusted income. You pay the difference to the owner as your share of the rent. This difference may exceed 30% of your monthly income. 

However, whenever a family moves to a new unit, the family’s share cannot exceed 40% of their monthly adjusted income. After the first term of the lease, the landlord may raise the rent. The Housing Authority will apply a rent reasonableness test to every new lease. Therefore, the proposed rent amounts are not guaranteed. Payment Standards and Utility Allowances are subject to change. The simple calculator below will assist you in estimating your initial rent.

At Elm City Communities (ECC), residents have two different options to pay their rent. Rent can be paid online through the Payment Vision Webportal, or by check to the New Haven Housing Authority.

Maximum Family Rent is 40% monthly adjusted income.

If Maximum Family Rent is over 40% monthly adjusted income, contract rent cannot be approved. The tenant must work with the landlord to lower the contract rent or find another unit. Please call 203-498-8800 for questions or assistance.

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