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The Housing Authority of New Haven (HANH) offers career opportunities across a broad range of fields, from administrative positions to maintenance staff. Available positions are listed below.

Area Maintenance Supervisor | Application

Maintenance Mechanic | Application

Property Manager | Application

Waitlist Coordinator | Application

For more information about available positions, please call our main telephone number, 203-498-8800, ext. 1025 or 1022. The Human Resources Office fax number is (203) 497-8202.

For more information about 360 Management Group, Co. employment opportunities, please call 203-498-8800, ext. 1415. The 360 Management Human Resources fax number is (203) 497-7922.

ECC/HANH only accepts applications for positions it is trying to fill. ECC/HANH reserves the right to consider applications and resumes upon receipt and make employment decisions accordingly until all positions are filled.

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Anti-Discrimination Policy 

Discrimination is any negative action or attitude directed toward someone because of protected characteristics, like race and gender. Other protected characteristics are:

  • Age
  • Religion
  • Ethnicity / nationality
  • Disability / medical history
  • Marriage / civil partnership
  • Pregnancy / maternity / paternity
  • Gender identity / sexual orientation

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