The Homefront – FALL 2023

This year at Elm City Communities/Housing Authority of New Haven,
we are celebrating 85 years as an organization by reaffirming
our commitment to continuous learning and investing in our
intergenerational, diverse, and growing communities here in the
Elm City. Even as yellowing and falling leaves herald the dwindling
time remaining in the year, and shorter and shorter days, it also
marks a season of new beginnings and the culmination of so much
hard work done over the relatively slower summer months and

Our Homefront Newsletter for Fall 2023 (English and Spanish) is
available now! Be sure to check your mailbox and around your
development for a printed copy or view it online in English or Spanish.

This past summer in our community, there was a lot to celebrate. While
some of our young people graduated from high school and began a new journey into their next phase of life, through our national summer week of learning, we hosted events to highlight, celebrate, and expose our community members to different resources and opportunities (from wellness to STEM to the arts), all while enjoying a few slices and
some ice cream.

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