The Homefront – Spring 2024

Spring is the season of new beginnings. A fresh start.

The days get longer and warmer, lifting us from the bleakness of winter. Making it feel like everyone is just a little bit happier. At ECC, we work hard to create a positive difference in the lives of our residents through programs, resources, and the development of affordable housing in New Haven. In an effort to strengthen our intention, we’d like to hear from you directly.

This time of year also brings the opportunity to highlight the importance of mental health. Mental health is a fundamental aspect of overall well-being, yet access to mental health services is frequently inadequate. This disparity not only affects individuals but also has a profound impact on families and communities.

The relationship between the two is multifaceted, encompassing factors like stability, quality, affordability, and community environment. Addressing these housing issues is critical for promoting mental health and well-being on all levels.

Our Homefront Newsletter for Spring 2024 (PDF English and Spanish) is
available now! Be sure to check your mailbox and around your
development for a printed copy or view it online in English or Spanish.

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