Here at Elm City Communities, we envision a New Haven
where every resident has a quality home that they can
afford and opportunities to fulfill their goals. Every day,
we strive to get closer and closer to this vision through
our housing development, management, social service
provision and policy and advocacy work.

While we are proud to have made progress toward this
goal in 2022, we acknowledge that there is still so much
more work to do — and we will continue to do it in
collaboration with local, state and federal partners. This
year’s report highlights some of those efforts.
Since being designated as a Moving to Work agency in
2001, we have consistently increased the number of
families we serve each year — in 2022, we reached 29%
more! This programmatic growth is essential. As housing
costs rise and quality units become even more scarce,
families on our waitlist are in desperate need of support.
That’s why it’s so important that we continue to add to
our portfolio, reinvest in our community and advocate for
effective policy change.

One of our proudest achievements this year was winning
the prestigious All-America City Award on behalf of
and in partnership with the City of New Haven. Elm
City Communities creates partnerships, educational
opportunities and parental supports across the city,
shaping economic growth and strengthening our
communities holistically. In this way, we impact not just the
people we serve, but all New Haven residents.
This award recognizes the outstanding work of our
team and our partners in building opportunities and
broadening the scope of possibility for our residents and
our communities. It is a testament to the continuous
dedication of our staff — and it is their award as much as
it is the agency’s and the city’s.

Many of our greatest accomplishments in 2022 were
similar in that they served the whole city. From our
partnership with Christian Community Action to house 20
homeless families, to completing and opening our new Mill
River Crossing development, to expanding our advocacy
work at the state and local level, this past year saw Elm
City Communities truly embrace its name as a communitybuilder
and resource for the entire Elm City.

To reflect these triumphs, we chose “Growing Together,
Winning Together” as the theme for this year’s annual

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